Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Like Swimming, But Fun..

So, You might have seen in the last picture posted that I have rather a superfluous of chins. I am over chinned, and unfortunately folks, since having my bear, the problem is not confined to my lower mandibles.
So, exercise and not eating my own body weight in pies. It's my new thing.
With that in mind I have joined the Y. Now the Y hasn't moved at all, it's been in exactly the same super-close spot since we moved here two and a bit years ago. But it's taken me this long to get around to joining, on account of the lazy.

But no more! Today I went to an aquafit class, I figured "aquafit, aerobics in water, beloved of old ladies, how hard can it be?" And that was sort of the case. Sort of.
There were older women sure; but they, and I don't say this lightly, KICKED MY ASS. I was huffing and flopping like a steam-powered fish, they were gliding around with grace and style. I actually didn't feel too bad about it as there were three girls in their late teens, with bodies that they obviously did nothing to deserve, hacking and honking like 50 a day smokers.

So the class. Fun. remember how swimming used to be fun when you were a kid? Instead of swooshing in a boring straight line back and forth, back and forth; it was more
"ok, I'll race you using nothing but HANDS. Oh and we're mermaids, beauuuuutiful mermaids!"
Well, aside from the mermaids part (though that's totally what I was thinking) that's a bit what aquafit was like. I am a fan.

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