Friday, October 9, 2009

Let Me Count The Ways...

So, this is a post that is mostly just me smooshing on my sweetie, because he is awesome. You know why he's awesome? Well...

Because it's a Friday, and this is a long weekend, and it's raining and he got out of bed and went to work anyway.

And because he has spent the last week poking around in my I-tunes Most Played folder, then scouring the internet looking for if-you like-those-guys-you'll-like-these-guys recommendations and then acquiring me music. Swoon.

And because he is super supportive. Here, for example, is a sample of an actual g-mail chat conversation we had:

Andrew: ...although I have just thought of a way to make your writing better my love.
'tis very simple, for a while I thought there was something missing.

Me: right?

Andrew: you need some big, helicopter-killing cats... or killer whales

Me: YAH I do.

Andrew: that sort of thing

Me: For sure rouge animals is where it's at.

Andrew: nooooooo, intelligent killers.

Me: yup. rouge intelligent killer animals

Andrew: yep, then you will have the perfect writing style

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