Thursday, January 7, 2010

We STILL have barf...

Lots of it. The short fellow is recovering but really slowly. He was at the doc's on Tuesday, which was not a lot of fun; poor chap just wanted to sleep but OH NO, we dragged him to the Doctor's office and made him wait for an hour in a room with no toys, AND we wouldn't let him play with the jar of tongue depressors or lick the door frames AT ALL, because we are CRUEL CRUEL people.
When Doc Hui got to us he poked and prodded Teddy in the tummy and scrotum, checking for a hernia. It was a tough call as to who looked more horrified, Teddy or my sweetie, who was holding him. At any rate, the result of the poking was, "It's a virus, sucks to be you, go home" (I'm paraphrasing a tiny bit). So we came home.
Turns out the bear is contagious, and I spent Tuesday night in stomach virus hell; it was lousy and that's all I have to say about that.
Wednesday was a write off for me and my sweetie was off work looking after Teddy.
So today is what? Thursday I guess? The bear is still not up to full steam, I feel mostly better BUT as of about 7pm tonight my sweetie is riding the porcelain train to Nofunsville.

MAN, 2010 better get more awesome than this or you guys, I am SO building a time machine. Anyone know where I can get a Delorean and some uranium?

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