Monday, June 14, 2010

Emme and Jay... grab a button

I know I've written before about Emme and her blog, PTSD: A Love Story... but you guys... it turns out that I'm pushy. Who knew? (Everyone? REALLY? Oh.)

So, I hassled Emme into letting me make a button to stick on my sidebar. Because seriously, it's a story that everyone should read AND I think that it can't hurt to send a supportive squeeze out into the world. So maybe you'd like to grab a button too?
It looks like this
And the code is there in my sidebar (at least until Emme has it up over at her place)
If you're dropping by, say hi from me!


  1. I am reading it. It is so interesting! (I am a full time college student, if only school was this interesting and this touching.)

  2. Erin - you totally rock!!! If I had a public blog I would totally do this. I guess I just have to keep cheerleading in the comments. Thanks for leading me to this very inspirational blog. Like I said - you totally rock!!!

  3. Go you - I totally agree with you. I'm glad you shared Emme's link the first time around, and I will definitely be grabbing this button for my blog in hopes that other people read it, too. Emme is such a beautiful person.

  4. Erin, you are absolutely the sweetest chic on the internet! Thanks so much for sending the supportive squeezes my way. I don't know how to repay your kindness. Maybe if you are ever searching for a great persimmon pudding recipe or perhaps hunting down a bone-marrow donor, I'll be able to help:)

  5. So touching! Totally following and I posted the button. Now, where are my tissues!


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